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Product FAQs

  • What is MatrixOne?

MatrixOne is a future-oriented hyperconverged cloud & edge native DBMS that supports transactional, analytical, and streaming workload with a simplified and distributed database engine, across multiple data centers, clouds, edges, and other heterogenous infrastructures. The all-in-one architecture of MatrixOne will significantly simplify database management and maintenance, creating a single database that can serve multiple data applications. For information about MatrixOne, you can see MatrixOne Introduction.

  • Where can I apply MatrxOne?

MatrixOne provides users with HTAP services to support hybrid workloads. It can be used to build data warehouse or data platforms.

  • Is MatrixOne based on MySQL or some other database?

MatrixOne is a completely redesigned database. It's compatible with part of MySQL syntax and semantics. We are currently working to support more database semantics such as PostgreSQL, Hive, Clickhouse, since we intend to develop MatrixOne as a hyperconverged database.
To learn more about the compatibility with MySQL, you can visit MySQL-Compatibility.

  • Which programming language is MatrixOne developed with?

Currently, the primary programming language used for our programming in Golang.

  • What operating system does MatrixOne support?

MatrixOne supports Linux and macOS. Please refer to deployment FAQ for more details.

  • Which MatrixOne data types are supported?

You can see data types in MatrixOne to learn more about the data types we support.

  • Where can I deploy MatrixOne?

MatrixOne can be deployed on-premise, public cloud, private cloud, or Kubernetes.

  • Can I contribute to MatrixOne?

Yes, MatrixOne is an open-source project developed on GitHub. Contribution instructions are published in Contribution Guide. We welcome developers to contribute to the MatrixOne community.

  • In addition to the MatrixOne documentation, are there any other ways to acquire MatrixOne knowledge?

Currently, MatrixOne documentation is the most important and timely way to get MatrixOne related knowledge. In addition, we also have some technical communication groups in Slack and WeChat. If you have any needs, contact