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MatrixOne v0.5.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce MatrixOne 0.5.0 release on 2022/7/18. In this release, MatrixOne has a stand-alone columnar storage engine which can support HTAP workloads. Cheers!


docker pull matrixorigin/matrixone:0.5.0


  • Support ACID transaction with a Snapshot Isolation level.
  • Support UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... statement.
  • Support BOOL and Timestamp data type.
  • Support Having expression.
  • Support subquery.
  • Support Common Table Expression.
  • Support CASE ... WHEN expression.
  • Support Interval expression.
  • Support Explain plan tree.
  • Support new aggregate function: any_value
  • Lots of new functions are supported.

Known issues

  • Hotfix on 0.5.0 may cause data format incompatable.
  • 'Too many open files' error might be issued when user insert/update/delete data or create/drop table frequently. User need to increase the 'max open files' to resolve the issue.
  • Running 1GB TPCH benchmark test with memory less than 64GB may result in an out of memory error.
  • Loading large size of CSV file than 100GB might lead to system hanging. #3858
  • Mixed TP and AP work loads running for a long time, might cause system panic. #3947 #3961


This release includes 811 commits by 73 authors.

New Contributors

  • @lawrshen
  • @lyfer233
  • @wuliuqii
  • @ericsyh
  • @dongdongyang33
  • @aylei
  • @richelleguice
  • @aressu1985
  • @mklzl

We appreciate your contribution! Welcome to MatrixOne community.

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