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Explicit Transactions in MatrixOne

In MatrixOne's explicit transactions also obey the following rules:

Explicit transaction rules

  • An explicit transaction starts and ends with BEGIN...END or START TRANSACTIONS...COMMIT or ROLLBACK.
  • In explicit transactions, DML (Data Manipulation Language) and DDL (Data Definition Language) can exist at the same time. DDL is limited to CREATE, and all others cannot be supported.
  • In an explicit transaction, other explicit transactions cannot be nested. For example, if START TANSACTIONS is encountered after START TANSACTIONS, all statements between two START TANSACTIONS will be forced to commit, regardless of the value of AUTOCOMMIT 1 or 0.
  • In an explicit transaction, only DML and DDL can be included and cannot contain modification parameter configuration or management commands, such as set [parameter] = [value], create user, and so on.
  • In an explicit transaction, if a write-write conflict occurs when a new transaction is started without an explicit commit or rollback, the previously uncommitted transaction will be rolled back, and an error will be reported.


CREATE TABLE t1(a bigint, b varchar(10), c varchar(10));
INSERT INTO t1 values(1,2,3);