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Code Comment Style

This document describes the code comment style applied to MatrixOne style. When you are ready to commit, please follow the style to write good code comments.

Why does a good comment matter?

  • To speed up the reviewing process
  • To help maintain the code
  • To improve the API document readability
  • To improve the development efficiency of the whole team

Where/When to comment?

Write a comment where/when:

  • For important code
  • For obscure code
  • For tricky or interesting code
  • For a complex code block
  • If a bug exists in the code but you cannot fix it or you just want to ignore it for the moment
  • If the code is not optimal but you don't have a smarter way now
  • To remind yourself or others of missing functionality or upcoming requirements not present in the code

A comment is generally required for:

  • Package (Go)
  • File
  • Type
  • Constant
  • Function
  • Method
  • Variable
  • Typical algorithm
  • Exported name
  • Test case
  • TODO

How to comment?

Format of a good comment

  • Go

    • Use // for a single-line comment and trailing comment
    • Use /* ... */ for a block comment (used only when needed)
    • Use gofmt to format your code
  • Place the single-line and block comment above the code it's annotating

  • Fold long lines of comments
  • Each line of text in your code and comment should be at most 100 characters long
  • For a comment containing a URL

    • Use a relative URL if the text is linked to a file within the same GitHub repository
    • Use an absolute URL in docs and docs-cn repositories if the code with this comment is copied from another repository

Language for a good comment

  • Word

    • Use American English rather than British English

      • color, canceling, synchronize (Recommended)
      • colour, cancelling, synchronise (Not recommended)
    • Use correct spelling

    • Use standard or official capitalization

      • MatrixOne, Raft, SQL (Right)
      • matrixone, RAFT, sql (Wrong)
    • Use words and expressions consistently

      • "dead link" vs. "broken link" (Only one of them can appear in a single document)
    • Do not use lengthy compound words

    • Do not abbreviate unless it is absolutely necessary

    • We should be used only when it means the code writer and the reader

  • Sentence

    • Use standard grammar and correct punctuation
    • Use relatively short sentences
  • Capitalize the first letter of sentences and end them with periods

    • If a lower-case identifier comes at the beginning of a sentence, don't capitalize it

      // enterGame causes Players to enter the
      // video game, which is about a romantic
      // story in ancient China.
      func enterGame() os.Error {
  • When used for description, comments should be descriptive rather than imperative

    • Opens the file (Right)
    • Open the file (Wrong)
  • Use "this" instead of "the" to refer to the current thing

    • Gets the toolkit for this component (Recommended)
    • Gets the toolkit for the component (Not recommended)
  • The Markdown format is allowed

    • Opens the log file

Tips for a good comment

  • Comment code while writing it
  • Do not assume the code is self-evident
  • Avoid unnecessary comments for simple code
  • Write comments as if they were for you
  • Make sure the comment is up-to-date
  • Let the code speak for itself

Thanks for your contribution!