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Bulk Load Overview

MatrixOne supports using the LOAD DATA command to insert many rows into MatrixOne tables and the SOURCE command to import table structures and data into the entire database.


MatrixOne supports the LOAD DATA command for importing csv and jsonline files from either the local file system or S3-compatible object storage.

Import the different file types

According to the different file types, MatrixOne currently mainly supports importing .csv or jsonlines:

Import data from different data storage locations

According to the different data storage locations, MatrixOne supports importing data from local and importing data from S3(Simple Storage Service).


MatrixOne supports using the SOURCE command to import the entire database structure (including table structures and data) by executing SQL statements from an external SQL script file. The SOURCE command may not perform as well as the LOAD DATA command when processing large amounts of data because it needs to parse and execute each SQL statement.

More import capabilities

  • MatrixOne supports the parallel loading of data files: when the data file is large, to improve the loading speed, MatrixOne also supports parallel loading, see the LOAD DATA parameter description for importing data.
  • In a MatrixOne distributed cluster, in addition to importing data locally and from the public cloud object storage S3 to MatrixOne, you can also import data through the local Minio component. For details, see Import data from local Minio to MatrixOne