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  • Are functions and other keywords case sensitive?

No, they are not case sensitive. Only in one case case is sensitive in MatrixOne, if user creates table and attributes with ``, the name in`` is case sensitive. To find this table name or attribute name in your query, it needs to be in `` as well.

  • How do I export data from MatrixOne to a file?

You can use SELECT INTO OUTFILE command to export data from MatrixOne to a csv file (only to the server host, not to the remote client).
For this command, you can see SELECT Reference.

  • What is the size limit of a transaction in MatrixOne?

The transaction size is limited to the memory size you have for hardware environment.

  • What kind of character set does MatrixOne support?

MatrixOne supports the UTF-8 character set by default and currently only supports UTF-8.

  • What is the sql_mode in MatrixOne?

MatrixOne doesn't support modifying the sql_mode for now, the default sql_mode is as the only_full_group_by in MySQL.

  • How do I bulk load data into MatrixOne?

MatrixOne provides two methods of bulk load data: 1. Using source filename command from shell, user can load the SQL file with all DDL and insert data statements. 2. Using load data infile...into table... command from shell, user can load an existing .csv file to MatrixOne.

  • How do I know how my query is executed?

To see how MatrixOne executes for a given query, you can use the EXPLAIN statement, which will print out the query plan.