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MatrixOne v0.3.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce MatrixOne 0.3.0 release on 2022/3/10. Cheers!


docker pull matrixorigin/matrixone:0.3.0


  • Exports data into CSV file.
  • Introduces parallel execution and improve performance for projection query.
  • Introduces IN operator and allows you to specify multiple values in a WHERE clause.
  • Support NULLABLE column in group by expression.
  • Introduces new functions: round and floor.
  • Introduces a Chaos Testing framework for distributed system.

Known issues

  • For continuous table creation actions in a script, the parameter of pre-allocated-group-num should be set to a bigger value such in cluster scenarios. Otherwise, "no available raft group" may be notified during tables creation sequence.


This release includes 157 commits by 21 authors.

  • broccoliSpicy(@broccoliSpicy)
  • Chen Mingsong(@m-schen)
  • hanfang (@aptend)
  • O2 (@ikenchina)
  • Jin Hai (@JinHai-CN)
  • Jiang xinmeng (@jiangxinmeng1)
  • Lin Junhong (@iamlinjunhong)
  • Long Ran (@aunjgr)
  • Nan Deng (@dengn)
  • Otter(@WenhaoKong2001)
  • Peng Zhen (@daviszhen)
  • Qin Shuqi (@sukki37)
  • Sundy Li(@sundy-li)
  • Shen JiangWei(@LeftHandCold)
  • Jian Wang(@jianwan0214)
  • Wan Hanbo(@wanhanbo )
  • Xu Peng (@XuPeng-SH)
  • Yan Wenze(@nnsgmsone)
  • Yuesheng Li(@reusee)
  • Zilong Zhou (@zzl200012)
  • Zhang Yingfeng (@yingfeng)

New Contributors

We appreciate your contribution! Welcome to MatrixOne community.

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