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The CAST() function converts a value (of any type) into the specified datatype.


> CAST(value AS datatype)

Parameter Values

Parameter Description
value Required. The value to convert
datatype Required. The datatype to convert to

Currently, cast can support following conversion:

  • Conversion between numeric types, mainly including SIGNED, UNSIGNED, FLOAT, and DOUBLE type.
  • Numeric types to character CHAR type.
  • Numeric character types to numerical types(negative into SIGNED).
  • Time type (including Date, Datetime, Timestamp, and Time) is converted to INT type, with decimal point rounding
  • Time types (including Date, Datetime, Timestamp, and Time) are converted to fixed-point types with decimal places

A detailed data type conversion rule can be refered to Data Conversion Rule.


drop table if exists t1;
CREATE TABLE t1 (a int,b float,c char(1),d varchar(15));
INSERT INTO t1 VALUES (1,1.5,'1','-2');

mysql> SELECT CAST(a AS FLOAT) a_cast,CAST(b AS UNSIGNED) b_cast,CAST(c AS SIGNED) c_cast, CAST(d AS SIGNED) d_cast from t1;
| a_cast | b_cast | c_cast | d_cast |
| 1.0000 |      1 |      1 |     -2 |

mysql> SELECT CAST(a AS CHAR) a_cast, CAST(b AS CHAR) b_cast,CAST(c AS DOUBLE) c_cast, CAST(d AS FLOAT) d_cast from t1;
| a_cast | b_cast | c_cast | d_cast  |
| 1      | 1.5    | 1.0000 | -2.0000 |


  • Non-numeric character types cannot be converted to numeric types.
  • Numeric and character types with formats of Data cannot be converted to Date.
  • Date and Datetime types cannot be converted to character types.
  • Date and Datetime cannot be converted to each other.