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JDBC supported features list in MatrixOne

Using JDBC to develop applications, MatrixOne supports the following classes and objects:

1. Connection (Class): Get the database connection object

Method of the Class

  1. Obtain the executed Sql object Statement

    • Statement createStatement();
    • Statement prepareStatement(String sql);
  2. Manage the transaction

    • Enable the transaction: setAutoCommit(boolean autoCommit), call this method to set the parameter to false, which enable the transaction
    • Commit the transaction: void commit()
    • Rollback the transaction: void rollback()
Methon of the connection interface Supported(Y)/Not support(N)
createStatement() Y
prepareStatement(String sql) Y
prepareCall(String sql) Y
nativeSQL(String sql) Y
setAutoCommit(boolean autoCommit) Y
getAutoCommit() Y
commit() Y
rollback() Y
close() Y
isClosed() Y
getMetaData() Y
setReadOnly(boolean readOnly) Y
isReadOnly() Y
setCatalog() Y
getCatalog() Y
setTransactionIsolation(int level) N
getTransactionIsolation() N
getWarnings() N
clearWarnings() N
createStatement(int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency) Y
prepareStatement(String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency) Y
prepareCall(String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency) Y
getTypeMap() N
setTypeMap(java.util.Map<String,Class<?>> map) N
setHoldability(int holdability) N
getHoldability() N
setSavepoint() N
setSavepoint(String name) N
rollback(Savepoint savepoint) N
releaseSavepoint(Savepoint savepoint) N
createStatement(int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency, int resultSetHoldability) Y
prepareStatement(String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency, int resultSetHoldability) Y
prepareCall(String sql, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency, int resultSetHoldability) Y
prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys) Y
prepareStatement(String sql, int columnIndexes[]) Y
prepareStatement(String sql, String columnNames[]) Y
createClob() N
createBlob() N
createNClob() N
createSQLXML() N
isValid() Y
setClientInfo(String name, String value) N
setClientInfo(Properties properties) N
getClientInfo(String name) N
getClientInfo() N
createArrayOf(String typeName, Object[] elements) N
createStruct(String typeName, Object[] attributes) N
setSchema(String schema) N
getSchema() N
abort(Executor executor) N
setNetworkTimeout(Executor executor, int milliseconds) Y
getNetworkTimeout() Y

2. Method of the Statement class

Method of the Statement class Supported(Y)/Not support(N)
executeQuery(String sql) Y
executeUpdate(String sql) Y
close() Y
getMaxFieldSize() Y
setMaxFieldSize() Y
getMaxRows() Y
setMaxRows() Y
setEscapeProcessing() N
getQueryTimeout() Y
setQueryTimeout(int seconds) Y
cancel() Y
getWarnings() N
clearWarnings() N
setCursorName(String name) N
execute(String sql) Y
getResultSet() Y
getUpdateCount() Y
getMoreResults() Y
setFetchDirection(int direction) Y
getFetchDirection() N
setFetchSize(int rows) Y
getFetchSize() Y
getResultSetConcurrency() Y
getResultSetType() Y
addBatch( String sql) Y
clearBatch() Y
executeBatch() Y
getConnection() Y
getMoreResults(int current) Y
getGeneratedKeys() Y
executeUpdate(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys) Y
executeUpdate(String sql, int columnIndexes[]) Y
executeUpdate(String sql, String columnNames[]) Y
execute(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys) Y
execute(String sql, int columnIndexes[]) Y
execute(String sql, String columnNames[]) Y
getResultSetHoldability() Y
isClosed() Y
setPoolable(boolean poolable) N
isPoolable() N
closeOnCompletion() Y
isCloseOnCompletion() Y

3. Method of the ResultSet class

Method of the ResultSet class Supported(Y)/Not support(N)
next() Y
close() Y
wasNull() Y
getString(int columnIndex) Y
getBoolean(int columnIndex) Y
getByte(int columnIndex) Y
getShort(int columnIndex) Y
getInt(int columnIndex) Y
getLong(int columnIndex) Y
getFloat(int columnIndex) Y
getDouble(int columnIndex) Y
getBigDecimal(int columnIndex, int scale) Y
getBytes(int columnIndex) Y
getDate(int columnIndex) Y
getTime(int columnIndex) Y
getTimestamp(int columnIndex) Y
getAsciiStream(int columnIndex) Y
getUnicodeStream(int columnIndex) Y
getBinaryStream(int columnIndex) Y
getWarnings() N
clearWarnings() N
getCursorName() N
getMetaData() Y
getObject() N
findColumn() Y
getCharacterStream() Y
isBeforeFirst() Y
isAfterLast() Y
isFirst() Y
isLast() Y
beforeFirst() Y
afterLast() Y
first() Y
last() Y
getRow() Y
absolute() Y
relative() Y
previous() Y
setFetchDirection() Y
getFetchDirection() Y
setFetchSize() Y
getFetchSize() Y
getType() Y
getConcurrency() Y
rowUpdated() Y
rowInserted() Y
rowDeleted() Y
update()(String of data types) Y
updateNull() Y

4. Method of the ResultSetMetaData

Method of the ResultSetMetaData Supported(Y)/Not support(N)
getColumnCount() Y
isAutoIncrement() Y
isCaseSensitive() Y
isSearchable() Y
isCurrency() Y
isNullable() Y
isSigned() Y
getColumnDisplaySize() Y
getColumnLabel() Y
getColumnName() Y
getSchemaName() N
getPrecision() Y
getScale() Y
getTableName() Y
getCatalogName() Y
getColumnType() Y
getColumnTypeName() Y
isReadOnly() N
isWritable() N
isDefinitelyWritable() N
getColumnClassName() Y

DisplaySize, Prec, and Scale statistics of Mysql data type

Data types DisplaySize Prec Scale
INT 11 11 0
BIGINT 20 20 0
DECIMAL64(according to the actual) 17 15 2
DECIMAL128(according to the actual) 23 21 3
FLOAT 12 12 31
DOUBLE 22 22 31
VARCHAR(according to the actual) 100 100 0
CHAR(according to the actual) 100 100 0
DATE 10 10 0
DATETIME 19 19 0
JSON 2147483647 2147483647 0