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MatrixOne v0.6.0 Release Notes

We are excited to announce MatrixOne 0.6.0 release on 2022/11/29. In this release, MatrixOne has upgraded to a disaggregated compute and storage architecture, with a cloud native HTAP engine and many new features. Cheers!


docker pull matrixorigin/matrixone:0.6.0


  • Support distributed ACID transaction with a Snapshot Isolation level.
  • Support TEXT, BLOB, TIME, JSON data type.
  • Support multi-tenancy with account, user and role.
  • Support VIEW.
  • Support Java, Python, Golang connector and Mybatis, Spring JPA, SQLAlchemy ORM connection.
  • Support import CSV and JSON data from local file system and cloud S3 storage.
  • Implemented a MatrixOne dedicated backup tool modump.
  • Support composite primary key, unique key and auto-increment constraint.
  • Add system_metrics database in the catalog to monitor instance status.
  • Add system database in the catalog to record user statements and system logs.
  • Support timezone.
  • Support TLS encrypted connection.
  • Support pre-compilation statements PREPARE, EXECUTE, DEALLOCATE.
  • Support UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, MINUS operators.
  • Support PARTITION BY.
  • Add many system variables and tables to maintain MySQL compatibility.
  • Add many new JSON, Datetime functions.

Known Issues

  • 0.6.0 data format is not compatible with the previous versions.
  • Transactional performance doesn't compete with mature DBMS products.
  • Composite Primary Key, Unique Key and Secondary Key doesn't improve any performance. #6028
  • Insert/update into select having more than 100MB data will fail in a distributed setting. #6780
  • Execute load data in a loop may cause out of memory. #6793
  • Data race happens in a distributed setting. #6855, #6926
  • Background jobs have a low probability causing user transaction being aborted due to r-w conflict. #6049
  • Insert file into BLOB type might fail. #6302


This release includes 1520 commits by 97 authors.

New Contributors

  • @lokax
  • @triump2020
  • @Abirdcfly
  • @yjw1268
  • @Juneezee
  • @ZoranPandovski
  • @Toms1999
  • @xy2398437254
  • @goodMan-code
  • @DanielZhangQD
  • @taofengliu
  • @TszKitLo40
  • @TheR1sing3un
  • @qqIsAProgrammer

We appreciate your contribution! Welcome to MatrixOne community.

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